You could say I’m sexually frustrated, you could also say that I don’t get out too much but either way I have a whole wardrobe of clothes && costumes I’d love to throw on && just have a dude play along with it.

Question; why doesn’t my ex just wanna have sex, like JUST have sex cause truth be told I’m down, I’m physically attracted to him && well I like his peen, but whyyyy must he ignore me like he didn’t like anything we was doing?. Likee uhmm, you asked me back out last time we messed around… I mean I said no but if it was just sex like whaaaaaaat the fuck is this silent treatment forrrr?. Maybe he really was on drugs. OR he’s waiting for me to fucking turn 18 like some other fuckers I know.

That irritates me. Whyyyy do you have to wait till I’m 18 to carry out a relationship or a fuckmance with me when obviously you weren’t shy about anything a year ago?? && to the other guy waiting from me to be 18, he tried getting with me when I was 15, like whaaaaaat the actual fuuuuuck. Leave me alone or give a rational reason for why you are such a dumbass because I deserve it. Yeah I fucking got deep there… but that’s also how it was when we were dating!. (the ex not the other guy) 

I wish you guys that are reading this could hear me talking. I’m not fuming but I am…. annoyed… as fuck… I need a vacation. 


That was so beautiful

I shall resort to porn for the night.

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Fuck yeah its BulbaSIR!.x